Work Areas


  • Business Intelligence
    We collect, store and interpret business information necessary for a company to conquer markets and make informed decisions. We analyze and evaluate risks and opportunities in your supply chain in relation to the business, economic and geopolitical environment.


  • Corporate Diplomacy
    Our goal is to present our clients with the right counterparts and develop sustainable relationships vis-a-vis their interests. We help you build crucial bridges to succeed in an increasingly competitive international market. We will help you to build your corporate or institutional reputation and generate new global relationships that will enable you to successfully compete in international markets.


  • Business Consulting
    We advise companies in their internationalization process:

International structure of the company.

Foreign laws and regulations.

Taxes and international accounting

Cost calculation and overall pricing strategy.

Universal payment methods.

Exchange rates

Choosing the right global shipping methods

Communication difficulties and cultural differences.

Supply chain complexity and risks.


  • Facilitation and Business Efficiency 
    We advise and support governments in the implementation of innovative trade promotion actions and tools and in trade facilitation policies. We collaborate with companies specialized in efficient procurement services such as insurance, logistics and financing to make their offers more competitive.


  • International cooperation
    We manage and administer comprehensive cooperation and international technical assistance projects:

Identification of programs and projects.

Design of programs and projects.

Preparation of terms of reference.

Evaluation and selection of offers.

Technical and financial implementation of projects and programs.

Management and management of Project Execution Units.

Management of "framework contracts".

Intermediate and final evaluation and monitoring.



European Project Coordinator

Osiris M. Ramírez Ponce de León

Coordinator for Central America and the Caribbean

Pilar Lara

Coordinator for the United States

Benito Fernández

Coordinator for Brazil