The mission of this department is to contribute to knowledge-building and and to access tools that improve technical competencies and skills in international trade and business development. Thus, favoring the achievements and objectives of organizations, companies and their members.


Courses and Seminars

At OICEX, training in international trade is  key to help you navigate in the current competitive environment. Our commitment is to help our members and partners to achieve their goals in international trade. Our training themes cover major trends in international markets, e-commerce, market access, regulations, compliance, procedures and cross-cutting areas such as transport, finance, cybersecurity, etc.


OICEX E-Learning

Soon we will be able to offer a modern LIVE LEARNING platform to train remotely our members.


Academic Alliances

We provide to our members, an area of exchange and linkages to academic entities and institutions so that they can access training offers in a preferential way. In addition, we develop jointly with third parties,  a variety of seminars and workshops.


Internship Program

Motivated by the collaboration and partnerships among our members, we have created the INTERNSHIP program. A tool designed to support our partners to share knowledge and mentoring.


Virtual Library

With your membership, you will be able to access our VIRTUAL LIBRARY, with news, publications, interviews, presentations and articles, both of regional and global content, thanks to our alliance with Marco Trade News.