As a result of over 25 years of cooperation with China, the World Trade Point Federation has built a powerful ecosystem of relationships and tools enabling it to successfully connect with the Chinese business community.

  • Trade Points Beijing y Shanghai
    Established in 1994 by the Municipal Governments of Beijing and Shanghai with the support of the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development. They are founding partners of the WTPF and members  the Steering Committee of the Federation for the last 10 years. They are central to our ecosystem to link up with the business community in Beijing and Shanghai
  • WTPF's Beijing Business Development Center
    Established in 2014 through a collaboration agreement between the WTPF and the Municipal Trade Commission of Beijing. Its purpose is to support foreign companies to promote their products and do business with China. The activities of the Center revolve around China’s major trade fairs including CIFTIS, CANTON FAIR and CIIE. As an institutional partner, WPTF organizes, under favorable conditions, the participation of companies linked to the Trade Points from all regions of the world.

    In addition, WTPF organizes forums and seminars to foster dialogue and knowledge-sharing among participants. At the request of any member of the Trade Point network, the center organizes business agendas, product presentations, exhibitions, etc.

  • WTPF Shanghai Technical Center
    Established in 2014 through a collaboration agreement between the WTPF and the Municipal Trade Commission of the City of Shanghai. Its purpose is to provide technical support to the IT development of the WTPF. During the last decade, the Center  has developed and managed the Federation’s presence in Internet and its BtoB platforms to connect companies around the world. In addition, the Center has an important infrastructure to provide training courses and workshops specialized in knowledge-building on e-commerce and information technologies.
  • China E-Brand Strategy 
    WTPF together with the OICEX and the Center for the Promotion of e-Commerce of Shanghai Municipality developed a package of services that allow us to have a powerful presence in the Chinese digital environment. We produce and translate into Chinese all the content necessary to present your company and its products. We develop your institutional website according to the Chinese digital communication codes. We can register your company in the Chinese social networks. We will help you produce content to communicate with this market and maintain an active institutional presence in these networks. We will grant you a certified digital identity (WTPF eTradeID) so that your company’s data and products are presented and recognize as reliable. We will register your company in the leading e-commerce portals that operate in the Chinese market.
  • China MARCO Media Center
  • Marco Trade News, with the support of the WTPF produces news, reports and content about the Chinese market in order to keep the international business community informed about the trends in the most dynamic market in the world. They are produced on digital media and on paper, with daily or periodic updates depending on the channel.